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Musical Box

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 Introducing our exquisite wooden music box collection, designed especially for kids who adore whimsical melodies and mesmerizing motion! Crafted with precision and care, this enchanting toy is the perfect addition to any child's collection. 

Just wind up the mechanism, and let the enchanting sounds fill the air with joy and harmony.

Compact and portable, our wooden music box is an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. It adds a touch of magical ambiance to nurseries, bedrooms, and playrooms, inviting children to dream and explore.


  • Without burr, it is non-toxic and more durable due to its high-quality material.
  • Please allow slight deviation for the measurement.
  • The material is Wood.
  • Size is bottom 11cm, height 12 - 16 cm.
  • Color is As shown in pictures.
  • 1pcs/pack.

Music: Musical Box Explore Our Exquisite Collection of Musical Boxes for Time

1. Paris Tower Shape - - Meet

2. Ferris Wheel Shape - - Castle In The Sky

3. Big Ben Shape - - Canon

4. Train Shape - -Spirited Away

5. Turn horse Shape -- Castle In The Sky

6. Seesaw Shape -- Castle In The Sky

7. Dancing People Shape -- Castle In The Sky

8. Doll Shake Bed Shape - - Spirited away

9. Bridge Shape - - Canon

10. Christmas Train Shape - - Merry Christmas

11. Country Windmill Shape - - Castle In The Sky

12. Wood Xmas Train Shape - - Merry Christmas










































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