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Kitchen Busy Board

$40.00 USD

Kitchen Busy Board


Children are always interested in the kitchen so we have designed this kitchen busy board for your little one . It includes cooking utensils(cabinets, microwave ovens, bread makers, refrigerators, gas ranges, faucets, clocks, lights, etc) while enjoying the lively melodies.  this music toy has various switches to start the music, which can exercise children's hand-eye coordination ability and improve fine motor skills. With 10+ cheerful music melodies, the familiar children's songs make children play more happily. Montessori toys for ages 1 and above. The clatter of the microwave oven, the sound of boiling food in the pot, and the music can be switched with each button, the portable design is great for long car and plane rides. Toddlers can have fun alone, and parents can having an enjoyable trip too. The busy board comes with a handle to take anywhere. Its a wonderful kids gift option for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.


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