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All in 1 busy bag

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This toddler busy board includes life skills, alphabet, number, shape, color, animal, and weather learning board everything toddlers would love to play and need to learn. The life skill and cognitive board. It is lined by a zipper, which is removable to allow toddlers to focus on and encourage both solo and collaborative play. It makes a great quiet-time toy, which can provide relief for parents.

  • The alphabet, number, shape, color, animal, and weatherboard are great simple learning activities for toddlers through preschool. There are all kinds of learning parts attached with hooks and loops for toddlers to sort and matching them to the board, including 26 letters, 10 numbers, 10 colors, 12 shapes, 11 animals, and 9 weather symbols.
  • Soft and safe material
  • 11×9 inches and designed with handles for easy carrying,

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